9 Medical Alert Bracelets (and Jewelry) That Are Actually Cute



When I was diagnosed with adult onset epilepsy, I realized I needed to invest in a medical alert bracelet. Medical identification tags are stamped with specific symbols that alert emergency responders that you have a condition (like diabetes, a heart condition, an allergy, etc.) that requires attention, in case you’re unable to speak for yourself. Paramedics know to look out for these IDs, usually worn on your body, and the tags can contain as little or as much info as you need (i.e., diagnosis, emergency contacts, directions). Much like a wedding ring, you should theoretically wear a piece of medical jewelry every day, as you never know when a situation like a seizure will arise. Unlike a wedding ring, however, as I quickly found out, the available options for medical jewelry are pretty unattractive. There are a plethora of clunky military-style tags and bracelets on the market that remind me of Swiss Army knives.

Now, durability and visibility are important, especially if you have a serious, life-threatening condition. But if I’m stuck wearing anything indefinitely, I shouldn’t have to compromise on looks. Luckily, thanks largely to thoughtful artisans on Etsy, I now own three medical alert bracelets (a cute chain for everyday, a brass cuff for fancier events, and a silicone band for outdoor use). I frequently receive compliments on them and adore that they don’t scream, Hello, I am a medical bracelet, while still conveying my diagnosis, name, and emergency contact info.

Below, a range of options for engravable jewelry that are stylish and keep you safe.


1. Chic in Gold Medical Alert Bracelet

I own this dainty bracelet in 14k gold fill and love that it has enough room to feature my name and diagnosis on one side, plus three emergency phone numbers on the other.


2. Lauren Elaine Designs Medical ID Cuff Bracelet

If you prefer a cuff that easily slips on and off, this hand-stamped beauty does the trick. For discretion, any text you choose (from a variety of fun fonts) will end up printed inside the bracelet.


3. The Singing Koala Personalized Medical ID Alert Bar Necklace

This necklace features a cool, modern bar pendant, which can be engraved with important info on three different sides (and in multiple fonts).


4. Lauren’s Hope Key West Medical ID Cuff

If you’re looking for a statement cuff, this one’s easy to adjust in case you swell and comes in durable stainless steel. It also provides ample space for adding your info, and has a water-resistant finish that's ideal if you tend to sweat.


5. SM Made Medical Alert Ring

If you prefer rings, this chunky, silver band wraps around your finger, displaying the medical alert symbol as well as your condition. It’s made of pure aluminum, which is great for sensitive skin.


6. Chic in Gold Medical Alert Bracelet

This beautiful, fitted bracelet (which comes in sterling silver, 14k gold, and rose-gold finishes) centers around a subtle, engraved disc. You can also fit up to 36 characters on the back to note your diagnosis, a number, or a message such as Epipen in purse.


7. Lauren’s Hope SmartFit Medical I.D. Bracelet 

The SmartFit uses a special rope-style chain to fit snugly against your wrist. If you need to fit a large amount of text in a small space, this water-safe bracelet offers up to five 20-character lines for engraving.


8. Mignon & Mignon Personalized Medical Alert Necklace

Here’s a pretty, polished option that includes a coin engraved with the medical alert symbol and a customizable bar pendant.


9. Lauren’s Hope ActiveWear Fit in White and Rose

For sensitive skin (or working out), this white adjustable, silicone band is waterproof, with a contrasting rose-gold tag.