Getting to know Georgia May Jagger through the charms on her Pandora bracelet


Did you know that Pandora is celebrating 20 years of collecting charms? Since the jewelery brand imposed the trend of treasuring moments around our wrist, these accessories have become one of the most personal ways to tell our own story. That is why we spoke with Georgia May Jagger, one of the firm's muses, and through her favorite charms she shared a bit of her with us.

These are the charms that the successful 28-year-old model wears on her bracelet and what they symbolize.

1. A country

Georgia wears a flower on her bracelet, the meaning? Her trip to Thailand with Pandora. The model traveled to know the headquarters of the brand in the Asian country and now she carries this flower as a souvenir.


2. A cause

The rotating globe represents for May Jagger the task of protecting the sea and its creatures, "I work with the oceans and this charm reminds me how everything is connected".


3. A place

They say that you always return to the places where you loved life, for the model it is the beach. While we are doing this interview, she is in London, but she thinks of the seashore, where she usually spends her summers and this time the confinement has not allowed it. That is why she wears the shell charm.


4. A wish

The dog! Because in the midst of all this, her greatest pleasure would be to be able to take her dogs with her. Probably to the beach ...


5. A Disney princess

Speaking of princesses, Georgia generally likes all pink charms, but if she has to choose a Disney princess, it would be the yellow ones because they remind her of Bella.


6. A reason

Although Georgia May Jagger admits that this period of confinement has spent many days in her pajamas - and who has not - she acknowledges that she loves jewelry for the power it has to inspire you to get ready and lift your spirits.